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Country music lovers, the Zac Brown Band is going to overwhelm you in the best way possible. Set aside an extra pair of socks, for the first will surely be knocked off your feet by these astounding, accomplished country musicians. Their homegrown, yet diverse music will set those toes tapping and hips gyrating.

The 2015 Tour

The multifarious band is bringing its compelling music to various parts of the United States in the coming months. Expect it at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. The band will thrill fans living near Lake Tahoe with a performance at Harvey’s Lake. The Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta will pulsate with its music.

Die-hard ZBB fans living in Canada need not fear being left out. The band will grace the Prairie Jam Music Festival in Winnipeg.

What to expect at a Zac Brown Band concert

That the band draws countless devoted fans is not surprising. They infuse their shows with typical southern hospitality and warmth. It draws and engages crowds with invitations to join in and have a memorable experience. The charisma of the band is clear as soon as it comes onstage.

To add to its magnetism, its shows begin with opening acts that never fail to disappoint. Clay Cook, Matt Mangano and Chris Fryar have stunned audiences with foot-stomping opening sets at previous performances. There is nothing less than excellent musical quality at all shows.

Besides opening acts that awe, the group guarantees keen showmanship. During a performance in May, the boys took the Pinnacle Bank Arena literally by storm. Rain and hail tumbled onstage as they performed one of their signature numbers, Let it Rain, from their latest album, the Grohl Sessions. Showmanship is never lacking at a concert, whether from the concert’s emcees or the members themselves. These fine performers have cultivated a reputation for being outstanding showmen who enjoy their music as much as their audiences do.

This reputation needs constant upkeep. They are known for their zany costumes. Expect the members to switch these as they go through heart-stopping numbers.

And of course, count on the music to bowl you over completely. Without fail, ZBB delivers melodious tunes with head-turning, riveting harmony and instrumental versatility. Fans know the band for blending hometown, country sounds with the attributes of other musical genres. Look forward to the mixes of hip-swaying Salsa and edgy country rock. A skittish, metal sound awaits fans too.

The history of the band

Such eclectic, unique music can only be delivered with experience. Zac Brown, lead vocalist and guitarist, formed the band after the release of his album, Home Grown. With a heavy tour schedule and supported only by a guitarist and drummer, Zac had to expand his band.

With John Driskell Hopkins already stunning audiences on the ukelele and guitar, Zac roped in violinist and fiddler Jimmy De Martini at songwriting collaborator Wyatt Durette’s suggestion. The addition proved a tremendous boon for the band, which then needed a lead instrumentalist. With bassist Matt Mangano in the band’s powerful lineup, Hopkins switched from bass playing to showing his flair on lead instruments like the ukelele and violin.

In 2004, Brown added to his growing pool Coy Bowles, who amplified the band’s already incredible sound with awe-inspiring guitar skills. After the band signed with Live Nation Artists records in 2008, Chris Fryar, who had already made a name for himself in the Birmingham music scene, became the band’s dynamic, versatile drummer. In 2009, Brown’s friend from High School, Clay Cook joined as a high-tenor vocalist and expert multi-instrumentalist. Talented percussionist Daniel de los Reyes augmented the multi-dimensional sound of the band when he completed it in 2012.

ZBB Successes

Since its formation, this incomparable, eight-man band has enjoyed much commercial success. Its first stellar hit, “Chicken Fried,” was originally included in Zac Brown’s Home Grown album, but was re-recorded and released in 2008. This was the first debut single to reach the number one spot on the Country Music charts. Other singles, such as Sweet Annie and Goodbye in Her Eyes, have mesmerized audiences.

The band continued on its road to world-wide fame with a well-received album, Uncaged. Billboard considered it the best country album of 2012. This band has gathered 55 enviable award nominations, among them three Grammy nominations for Best Country Album, Best Performance by a Duo or Group and Best New Artist. The Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association have also given it accolades

The Zac Brown Band, with its diverse sound, promises concert-goers a once-in-a-lifetime, stupendous experience.